Business philosophy

1.To meet the needs of customers, to look forward to working with customers.
2.Be kind to the environment,coexist and  flourishing the earth.
3.Mutual trust between employees and administrators to create personal creativity and team spirit of enterprise culture.

Environmental Policy

The company collected the influence on environment of printing business activities, setting environmental objectives and targets at feasible range technically and economically .
Revised the targets and methods with the changes of the environment, so that the system continues to improve and prevent the pollution.

The company shall comply with the relevant regulations and other requirements of the organization, which affect the operation of the business.
use the program content in a proper way, and make efforts for the prevention of global warming
In order to reduce the load on the environment,the company  implement the following topics in business activities.
1. in order to prevent global warming, eliminate the action of wasting paper, promote energy conservation of electricity, water and gasoline. order to use the resources effectively, doing the recycling of products, distinguishing defective items, reducing waste items.
3. When buying raw materials,buy more green products.
4.Re-educate all employees to know the environmental policy,and raise the awareness of environment through environmental learning and internal announcement activities, etc.
5.Take actively part in the activity of the maintenance of local living environment
and public the policy .

Quality policy

1.Provide the customers with superb technology and integrity.
2.Meet the requirements of quality management system, eliminate the parts which are not conform to the item through continuous improvements
3.Work together with the company's managers and staffs to improve customer satisfaction
4.Make all the staff familiar with the quality policy guidance, encourage all of them to take actions for the realization of policy.
5.To ensure that the required execution system and improve the company's resources

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Screen Printing
Our company has automatic and semi-automatic screen printing machine,prodyct in the dust-free workshop of 1200m², 10 thousand level.If you are in need of sign, operation panel (film switch) and other products, please contact us.
Label printing
Our company has round of machine,trademark machine and stamping die cutting machine, please contact us if you are in need of top printing sticker, Bar code stickers, serial number stickers, blank stickers and other products.
Offset Printing
T The company has 3 Heidelberg brand offset press,2 color machine, 4 color machine, 5 color machine.please contact us if you are in need of packing box, gift box, color cards, company profiles, leaflets, brochures and other products.
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Business philosophy
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