screen printing

The screen printing a method of printing that is fixed on the framework of chemical fiber screen, do not need to print part of the emulsion for shelter, and the ink is placed on the screen, with a scraper friction force, so that the ink is extruded on printed things. Because screen printing ink layer is relatively thick, so it has the stereoscopic effect. In addition, In addition to the printed glass, plastic and metal, cloth and other materials at the same time, you can also print flat and curved surfaces This is the biggest feature of screen printing. . Printing is only a one-time printing color, so color printing, the former color need to completely dry before printing the next color.In order to prevent the offset printing process,  it also need the high precision technology in addition to doing the homework carefully.

The main uses are the automobile instrument panel, the operation panel of the household appliance product and the inscription board of the health care tool, boards, stickers, switch stickers, all kinds of  testing device, IC card, printed circuit board etc., And recently the IT industry, the electronics industry, the mobile phone industry  also used it widely.

In order to meet these demands, the company has built 1200 square meters, 10 thousand dust free room, Always maintain a constant temperature and humidity at the same time, confirm the daily cleanliness, to ensure the cleanliness of the screen printing workshop.

Label Printing

The trademark is developed by a German company, special trademark printing machine products .Then spread to the whole world,people now cannot live without printed matter.

It shows in the daily goods labels, shows the the validity of food OA equipment, automobile, equipment and other labels for industrial use, the use of POS tags in logistics industry and related, has been widely used.

offset printing

The offset printing from the books printing to the commercial printing, is widely used as the most popular way of printing It use  PS plate aluminum printing plate, PS plate coated Bumin agent, after exposure processing , make it into "easy wet" and "exclusion wet" part, If the ink coated version of wet, water and ink will reject (ink is oily), only the part that repels water stained with ink. Offset printing machine is the use of this principle of printing.

The biggest characteristic of offset printing machine with other printing mode is different, the printed version is not directly printed on paper, but the ink transfer on the rubber blanket, blanket then transferred to the paper printing ink.
The advantages of offset printing products is good reproducibility, approximation of things to the maximum extent.

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Screen Printing
Our company has automatic and semi-automatic screen printing machine,prodyct in the dust-free workshop of 1200m², 10 thousand level.If you are in need of sign, operation panel (film switch) and other products, please contact us.
Label printing
Our company has round of machine,trademark machine and stamping die cutting machine, please contact us if you are in need of top printing sticker, Bar code stickers, serial number stickers, blank stickers and other products.
Offset Printing
T The company has 3 Heidelberg brand offset press,2 color machine, 4 color machine, 5 color machine.please contact us if you are in need of packing box, gift box, color cards, company profiles, leaflets, brochures and other products.
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